Casino Malaysia – Benefits of Playing Online

Malaysia is known for having the best online casino websites available. The country is well known for its casinos and sports clubs and the list goes on from there. There is a new name popping up in this arena, and it is called “Cableway”. They have a great online casino portfolio and are rapidly gaining … Read more

Gambling Meaning in Bahasa Malaysia

Gambling Meaning in Bahasa Malaysia For many visitors to Malaysia, the term “gambling meaning” is not familiar. A holiday on one of the many sin ridden islands in the region might be a little dull if the topic was broached without any prior acquaintance of the long standing practice here. For many in Malaysia the … Read more

Jokers at the Joker Casino in Malaysia

Jokers at the Joker Casino in Malaysia Malaysia’s largest and the world’s third largest casino is the Joker Casino Resort. Although, the name itself sounds ominous, it is not a real haunted place inside the casino. The name has been given to the resort because of the fact that there is a big “Joker” mural … Read more

Gaming Industry Wreaks Havoc With Malaysian Casino Tax Hike

The Malaysia Casino Tax Hike is a measure aimed at closing the highly profitability and money-making Las Vegas Strip in the nation. For various reasons, particularly due to lack of development in infrastructure and law-making, the Malaysian authorities have become extremely interested in allowing people from all financial backgrounds to experience the excitement of the … Read more

Gaming in Online Malaysia

The World Series of Poker has brought the world a new exciting poker game, and this has caused an influx of people into the country of Malaysia. More so, the World Series of Poker has brought the tourists to Malaysia who are interested in poker games. However, once they arrive in Malaysia, they face the … Read more

A Look at the Popular Genting Casino Malaysia

A Look at the Popular Genting Casino Malaysia If you are a fan of poker or other card games such as Blackjack, Craps or Bingo you will find yourself becoming addicted to playing at the Malaysia Genting Casino Hotel. If you have not yet checked out the hotel in Putra Kaja, Malaysia before, then this … Read more

Online Casino Malaysia Betting Valley

The online casino Malaysia betting and gaming industry has grown phenomenally in the past few years. In the last two years alone, online casino Malaysia has bloomed to become one of the most popular online casino games in the world. This growth was unprecedented. Not only did the online casino games to gain more traffic, … Read more

Review of the Genting Casino Hotel Malaysia

The Genting Casino Hotel Malaysia is a fantastic place to bet, win large and even lose large if you’re not careful! There are five casinos in total at the Genting Casino Hotel. They are the main casino on the top floor, the main gambling hall, the arcade and of course the main eating and nightlife … Read more

How Does the Gambling Advertising Law of Malaysia Work?

The rapid growth of gambling sites available via the Internet has generated a whole new marketplace for gambling advertising in Malaysia, also known as “Malaysia wagering”. Even those that stay dedicated to traditional print and television advertisement are now entering the Internet arena. The government and local media have not embraced the same promotion and … Read more