Trusted online casino Malaysia 2021

With 2020 behind us it is time too look ahead in our “Trusted online casino Malaysia 2021” overview. Illegal gambling syndicates still operate in Malaysia despite hundreds of police raids. In 2021 I expect that more international casinos will enter the Malaysian market and offer their services from outside of Malaysia. If you are looking … Read more

Top 3 Trusted Malaysia online casino 2020 + Bonus

When I started to gamble online in 2016, I wasn’t worried about the safety of the casino. After losing for 3 months I had a really good night in Baccarat and I was winning +13 000$. Then problems started and my account was closed for “suspicious activity.” Since then I never play in shady casinos … Read more


logo deluxewin

IS DELUXEWIN SAFE FOR MALAYSIAN PLAYERS? We recommend Malaysian casino fans to only play at large international online casinos, that aren’t located in Malaysia. Large online casinos usually provide better odds (that’s the reason they have become large casinos) and they usually have a better support team, so they can find a solution to a … Read more

WINCLUB88 Malaysia Warning

2020 has been a year of changes for Malaysian casino players. With over 200 police raids to illegal casinos, it is now more important than ever to choose a legal online casino and stay safe. Is Winclub88 safe for Malaysian players? Malaysian players should only play at large international online casinos that dont have local … Read more

Mybet88 Malaysia Warning – Read before you play.

Malaysian government has made hundreds of police raids to illegal online casinos in the beginning of 2020 and thousands of players have gotten into trouble. I was personally scammed by one such casino out of winnings of 13 000$ and that is the reason I only play with international casinos now – Read how to … Read more

The Best Casino Site For a Casino Experience

The Best Casino Site For a Casino Experience If you are searching for a casino gambling website, look no further than Sandakan Malaysia. This casino website is one of the most popular in the country. With excellent customer service and wonderful games, it is likely that this online casino will be around for many years … Read more

Fishing Casino Game – Sungai Petani

Fishing Casino Game – Sungai Petani The Fishing Casino Game in Malaysia offers two kinds of players, anglers and gamblers. Here, the players can indulge in various types of gambling and table games. Not only does the game offer various types of varieties but also the game requires certain strategies that are necessary to reach … Read more

Gaming Online Casino Games

Gaming Online Casino Games Real money online casino games have changed the face of online gambling and is one of the biggest reasons why online casinos are popular nowadays. You can enjoy your favorite game from a physical casino without ever stepping foot into one. It’s fast, convenient and easy to operate. The gaming industry … Read more