We recommend Malaysian casino fans to only play at large international online casinos, that aren’t located in Malaysia. Large online casinos usually provide better odds (that’s the reason they have become large casinos) and they usually have a better support team, so they can find a solution to a problem much faster, if you ever need help. Playing at international casinos that aren’t situated in Malaysia guarantees that all of your personal info is safe and they don’t disappear when you win big and want to cash-out, which sadly is the case with many smaller online casinos.

To get the best odds possible and the safest playing environment you should read our recommendations for internatonal online casinos that also welcome Malaysian players. (There you’ll even find a casino that is a sponsor to an English Premier League team Aston Villa and they also are very happy to welcome new Malaysian players supporting MYR currency and Malaysian banks)


For new players DeluxeWinoffers a few bonuses, which aren’t all that great. The promotion bonuses are pretty small and with a low maximum withdrawal. For instance when depositing 10 MYR as a new user you will receive 20 MYR, but you can only play slots with that money and the maximum amount that you can withdraw is 50 MYR, so if you should get lucky and win a big prize, you’ll only still be able to be withdraw only 50 MYR and all of the excess winnings will be forfeit.

welcome bonuses image
New member welcome bonus at DeluxeWin

Aside from new player bonuses, they offer a once a week recovery bonus of 8% to all users. They also have a VIP system with different levels based on your monthly deposit amount. For instance if your monthly deposit amount is 1000 MYR, you’ll receive 30 MYR every week as bonus money. They also offer a small amount of bonus money on your birthday.

vip tiers
VIP Tiers at DeluxeWin

Most of their bonuses have a low withdrawal cap and a high turnover requirement so the bonuses of this site are really not worth your time.


The odds at this casino aren’t very good, it’s probably because they seem to be a middleman between different sportsbook platforms. You’ll see bigger winnings going straight to the sportsbook platform and cutting out the middleman instead of playing at DeluxeWin.

You will see about 10-20% bigger winnings when playing on other sportsbook platforms. International sportsbooks usually also feature a few more leagues and more different sports for you to bet on.


DeluxeWin is an online casino platform operating in the Asia region.

There is little to none information about the casino on their website and online. It’s not possible to find a company assosciated with this casino, they also don’t have an e-mail address. Their website claims that the online casino is fully licensed and regulated in Philippines and Costa Rica, which doesn’t seem to be likely.

They also have an Jackpot which is rapidly rising every second, but there is no info about how to win the jackpot… It seems like the jackpot counter is on the main page to fool new customers into joining before they find out that there actually isn’t a jackpot.

At the moment there doesn’t seem to be posts on the internet about the players losing their money on this site, but I would be very careful when using their platform to play, their bank account’s could be frozen any minute and you’ll lose your money.


To register you’ll need to confirm your credentials by using the Live Chat feature, messaging them on WhatsApp or confirm your identity with a phone number. Registering is usually quick and you can enjoy sports betting or the different casino games in no time.

registering options
Registering options at DeluxeWin online casino


DeluxeWin offers it’s members the opportunity to bet on a large number of different sport events and on the biggest tournaments around the world. You can bet on all kinds of sports, but the odds aren’t that great. They seem to be a middleman between two different sportsbooks and since the middleman also needs a cut, you’ll see smaller winnings. If you wish to bet on sports, then you should read our review on international casinos for Malaysian players, which feature much better odds and through that also much larger winnings.


At the live casino you have the opportunity to play different casino games like Hold ’em, Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat and many more. You can choose between eight different software developers, who have all created an immersive casino experience for you to enjoy without leaving your home. You can spend your time at casinos created by technology giants like Playtech, GamePlay Interactive, Asia Gaming and many more…

Playing at a live casino feels very similar to a real casino experience. You’ll hear all the background chatter, hear the sound of pulling the slot machine lever and so on. You’ll be completely immersed from the cosiness of your home or at a train station, waiting for your next train and playing on your mobile device.


Blackjack is the perfect balance between luck and skills, and is the foundation of every casino. Blackjack brings you high-class feelings and is suitable for beginners and also to experienced players offering everyone limitless pleasure. The best way to enjoy this amazing game is amidst the neon lights of Vegas or at the tables of Monaco, but there’s also a better alternative – Playing live-blackjack at online casinos. The experienced and friendly live-dealers ensure that You will always feel welcomed at every table and the stunning quality visuals will create a thrilling atmosphere just for you. At live casino tables you’ll always be in the center of action, in addition you can chat with the dealers to get the closest casino experience straight from your home. You can choose from many tables and dealers, all with different betting limits.

Test your skills at the low limit tables, betting a couple of MYR for instance. If you’re looking large winnings and gripping excitement, you can also choose between the many VIP Blackjack tables, where the bets start at 100 MYR and you can bet up-to 5000MYR. Regardless of your preferences, you’ll always have an excellent live-blackjack experience. The only question is – Will you be able to win? Are you brave enough to make the live-dealer go bust? Maybe you’ll even get 21 with the first hand. Join a live casino to spend your time at the blackjack tables and try it out for yourself!


At DeluxeWin you can choose from hundreds of different slot machines, all featuring different exciting themes. You can choose from a total of 13 different international software companies who create virtual slot machines, all of them having several different themed slots for you to spend you time at.

My favorites are the sea themed slot machines, since I live so far inland that it’s not often that I can go to the beach and swim or dive. I enjoy the stunning sounds of the ocean and the amazing visuals from home which let’s me enjoy the feeling of the beach which I like alot, but unfortunately can’t see too often.


If you’re not interesting in slots or an immersive casino experience you can also spend your time playing GG Gaming’s fishing game. Unfortunately they don’t offer any variety to fishing fans, they only have the one game. Playing fishing is simple, you can play a game, the better you do the more winnings you’ll see, but still there’s a large luck factor in play just like when playing at the slot machines.


Mobile Casinos are very important to most players, just like me. When travelling alot or just commuting, it’s amazing to have the casino games at your disposal at every minute on a mobile device. It’s an excellent hobby to enjoy while waiting for your next train or waiting in line at the bus stop.

DeluxeWin offers mobile apps from different companies so you can play on the go. Unfortunately it seems that they are only a middleman between bigger mobile platforms so they will take a cut of your winnings. It would be smarter to use another online casino if you want to only play on a mobile device so you can maximize your winnings.


The withdrawal on this site isn’t automatic. First you’ll have to submit your withdrawal request through the website. When that’s done you’ll need contact customer service through the live chat feature for them to finalize your withdrawal. It will take a few business days before you’ll see the money on your bank account. The good news is that there are no additional charges for the money to make it’s way to your bank.


When facing problems with the online platform, the fastest way to contact them is through WhatsApp or WeChat. They also have an e-mail address which you can use to contact them. Getting an answer from will take more time, but you’ll get your answer in 1-4 business days.

They also feature a 24/7 live chat on their website, where you’ll get an answer to your question quickly during the day.


You should be cautious if you should decide to play at this casino. It seems to be unregulated and unlicensed which means that the website could be shut down any minute and you’ll lose your money. Using unlicensed casinos is dangerous, because the authorities could freeze their bank accounts at any minute and they will not be able to cash you out.


Deal or no Deal game show

If you have already read our review on safe international casinos, then you’re probably already familiar with some of the interesting live-casino games, which you can’t find elsewhere. At one of the international casinos you can also play „Deal or no Deal“ – the famous international game show, where you’ll choose a briefcase, and get offers from the dealer to buy your chosen briefcase. It’s a fun way to spend an afternoon and feel like you’re really there at the center of action, surrounded by audience members.

We have also found a casino where you can play Monopoly live for money. Although there is a spin wheel instead of the dice, all other elements of the game are the same. Spin the wheel, and move forward a number of spaces. Beat the dealer at Monopoly and cash-out your winnings!

There are many more amazing games for you to spend time at. Different companies have lots of different exciting games that you can’t find at a real casino.

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