Mybet88 Malaysia Warning – Read before you play.

Malaysian government has made hundreds of police raids to illegal online casinos in the beginning of 2020 and thousands of players have gotten into trouble.

I was personally scammed by one such casino out of winnings of 13 000$ and that is the reason I only play with international casinos now – Read how to not get scammed as an Malaysian player here.

We asked a regular gambler from Malaysia to contact Mybet88 support and make sure that this is a legal casino – what we found out surprised everyone involved. After finishing this article, check out our list of the only trusted online casinos in Malaysia ( theres also a no deposit bonus trick in that article for Malaysian players).

Is Mybet88 a legal Malaysian online casino.

When visiting the website of Mybet88, and reading under the “About Us” section – there is no company name listed or no information about a legal gambling license. This made us wonder, can Mybet88 actually be an illegal casino that puts players at risk with the Malaysian laws? The “Contact Us” section of the page also offers little information about the company

Full chat support conversation with Mybet88 is shown below:

Mybet88 support: Hello John. I’m Rachel. How may I help you? Helo nama saya Rachel. Bagaimanakah boleh saya membantu anda?
John 14:10
Hello, I want to join Mybet88 from Malaysia
What depositing methods do you accept
Mybet88 support 14:13
You can use online banking and CDM to deposit.
John 14:13
I am worried what my bank statement will show, I dont want it to show casino
Mybet88 support 14:14
You may click link below to get our bank accounts details. Our payment method have CDM/online transfer and instant payment gateway.
John 14:15
How can I claim a bonus, do I need to use a bonus code or sign up and deposit first and then ask for bonus in chat
I have genting member rewards card
Mybet88 support 14:16
May I have your genting member card?
John 14:16
But I am little bit confused, I though genting casino does not have online casino
Mybet88 support 14:19
We have a Cooperation with genting casino.
John 14:21
Is there any information about this coopertion on Genting casino website? I dont want to send my info to a casino I dont fully trust
Mybet88 support 14:22
You can survey our promotion detail in this link below.

John 14:24
But I cant find any information on the genting website or when I google “genting casino mybet88”
Mybet88 support 14:25
This promotion is special bonus for our customer who have genting member card, not for all customer.
John 14:26
does mybet have a gambling license in Malaysia? I work in a public job so I dont want to play anywhere that does not have license
I know Genting has license so this is the only place I have played
You have been transferred to: Olivia.
Olivia 14:33
Yes sir , we are legal online casino , that why many customer are playing at our company.
John 14:34
Yes but how can you prove that you are a legal casino. There is no information on your about page about the company and there is no gambling license number everywhere
This looks like an illegal casino
Olivia 14:37
Sir , there is nothing we can prove to you due to privacy , all gambling license are condidential , Sir all your detail are safe with us , no need to worry.
John 14:44
Following the Betting Act of 1953, ‘common betting houses’ are illegal in Malaysia, so anyone operating as a sports bookmaker or found betting in one is breaking the law. However, certain forms of gambling are legal in the country – the Lotteries Act 1952 allows lotteries to be run, while the Racing Act 1961 permits betting on horse racing, but only at a physical race course.

If you have a license you should be able to prove it, there has been so many police raids in the news lately
the fact that you can not give a company name or license name means that you are not a trusted online casino
People who dont do research can get into big trouble if you keep telling lies to them.
Olivia 14:48
Sir , there are alot of customer playing on our website and all are safe.

Is Mybet88 working together with Genting casino or is it a marketing trick?

Under promotions, Mybet88 offers a special deal to people who own Genting casino card. To claim this bonus they require a picture of the Genting membership card. This immediately raised a red flag with us, because if they were legal partner of Genting casino, they would already have your card number and personal information.

How is Mybet88 bonus compared to other online casinos.

Mybet88 offers a welcome bonus of 100% up-to 200MYR with a rollover of 40 times. This is not a good bonus. There are many casinos that offers alot larger limits and smaller rollover requirements for Malaysians – read more here.

If you have any information about Mybet88 please leave a comment below with as much information as possible.

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