Top 3 Trusted Malaysian online casinos + Bonus

2020 has seen a large shift in the way Malaysian people can play in online casinos. There has been over 200 police raids to local illegal gambling rings between march and may in 2020 – it is more important than ever to choose a trusted online casino and stay safe.

What is the difference between a trusted online casino and illegal online casino?

Trusted online casinos have a legal license to operate a casino and accept players. There are hundreds of local online casinos in Malaysia but these are all illegal and should never be played in. Currently Malaysia does not offer gambling licenses to local casinos, so the only safe way is to choose an international online casino that accepts Malaysian players.

What is the most trusted online casino that accepts Malaysian players?

There is currently only 1 multi billion dollar online casino that accepts players from every Asian country including Malaysia. They accept local Malaysian banks and also local credit cards. This trusted casino is the shirt sponsor of Aston Villa in the English Premier League – a sign that shows a casino is international and can be trusted. Click on the image below or visit their homepage by clicking here.

How can Malaysian players get a bonus at W88

W88 offers online poker, live dealer games, sports betting and slot games. There are different bonuses for different games but the most common are:

W88 Bonus codes

How to see jackpots won by other players at W88

W88 has one fun feature that allows you to see every big win that is won on the site in real time.

Step 1: Go to the official homepage by clicking here

Step 2: Click on “Promos” on top of the page

Step 3: Go to the bottom of the page and click on “jackpot winners.” You can also use ctrl+F and write “jackpot” to find the correct link

When checking today the biggest win of the day is 926,666 MYR and the biggest jackpot is MYR 38 256 665.

W88 is loved by high-roller players because of their great bonuses and VIP program but they also offer free bets to players who arent as lucky in life as VIP players.

How to get “Online casino Malaysia free credit” at W88?

People looking for free casinos usually cant deposit real money. While most smaller casinos donĀ“t offer free credit W88 is different. Players usually search for “free credit casino no deposit Malaysia 2020” or “online casino Malaysia free credit.” Unfortunately the first results that search engines show for these keywords are local illegal casinos.

There are two ways to get free credit at W88. Both are super simple and fast to make. W88 offers 88 free credits when a player adds W88 to wechat.

Step 1: Go to and create account with real personal information

Step 2: Add W88 Wechat ID: W88MYR, and sent your user to us thru Wechat to get 88 rewards point.

Free credit casino no deposit Malaysia 2020

Second trick for trusted online casino Malaysia free credit.

Step 1 is the same as previous, go to the and register

Step 2: After entering correct personal information contact support and ask for these free bets as show next to the registration form ( picture below)

Free credit no deposit 2020 Malaysia online casino

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