Trusted online casino Malaysia 2021

With 2020 behind us it is time too look ahead in our “Trusted online casino Malaysia 2021” overview. Illegal gambling syndicates still operate in Malaysia despite hundreds of police raids. In 2021 I expect that more international casinos will enter the Malaysian market and offer their services from outside of Malaysia. If you are looking for a trusted online casino that will pay out winnings and offer great bonuses for Malaysians then here is our top 3.

Which trusted international online casinos accept Malaysian players?

1) W88 – the largest online casino (poker, live dealer, sports betting, slots, baccarat) in Asia that accepts players from Malaysia, China, Vietnam and Indonesia.

W88 has already paid out some massive jackpots in 2021, look at the image above or visit their website and click on “jackpot winners” at the bottom of the page. Join W88 by clicking the “join now” button below.

2) CMD368 – operating over 12 years, accepts players from Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and Europe.

Cmd368 focuses on sports betting but they also have slots and live dealer casino games. They are very popular in Thailand and Vietnam.

3) Bitstarz – The largest Bitcoin casino, accepts most cryptocurrencies and players from worldwide.

Bitstarz was voted “best online casino” in 2018 and 2019. Their website and app work really good and they offer unique bonuses to Malaysian players.

trusted bitcoin casino malaysia 2021 bonus

Why W88 won “Trusted Online Casino Malaysia 2021” award for the second year.

1) Since 2015 W88 has sponsored a football team in the English Premier League. In 20/21 they are the main sponsor Crystal Palace and principal partner of Leicester City.

English Premier League doesn’t allow unregulated casinos to sponsor any teams, this means that the auditing process of these casinos can be trusted.

Trusted online casino Malaysia 2021 in sponsoring Aston Villa.

2) In 2020 W88 set-up a special customer support unit for Malaysian players and they have introduced many modern ways that Malaysians can deposit/withdraw money. 

3) Flawless reputation – There are currently no open complaints about W88 from players. 

What trusted casino offers the best bonuses for Malaysian players?

Bonuses are different depending if you play casino games or bet on sports. W88 offers 3 different new member bonuses:

W88 Online slots bonus – 100% up to 600 MYR. The rollover needed to clear this bonus is  20x.

online slots bonus malaysia 2021

W88 Sports betting bonus – 100% up to 150 MYR.

online sports betting bonus malaysia 2021

W88 Birthday bonus – 100% bonus up to 1888 MYR! I know players who have joined W88 and use this bonus every year because it only has a turnover requirement of 5x which is the lowest anywhere.

W88 baccarat specials – Since W88 is the most popular casino among highrollers they have special baccarat tournaments and amazing rebate offers., check the latest list by clicking here and then click on “VIP

online baccarat bonus malaysia 2021

CMD368 new player bonuses exlained

CMD368 online slots bonus – 120% up to 1200 MYR. Rollover needed for clearing this bonus is 20x

Cmd368 sportsbetting bonus – 100% maximum 800 MYR. Same rollover of 20x.

sports betting daily reload bonus 2021

Cmd368 live casino bonus – 50% maximum 300 MYR

Bitstarz new member bonus offers

Since Bitstarz is a bitcoin casino, they offer some really amazing bonuses. Bistarz slot games and live casino bonuses for new members come in steps.

1st deposit 100% up to 1BTC, 2nd deposit 50% up to 1 BTC, 3rd deposit 50% up to 200%.

Bitstarz is the largest cryptocurrency casino in the world and even if you haven’t used Bitcoin before for depositing their customer support will guide you through the process. Playing in bitcoin is 100% untraceable.

How to choose where to gamble?

Known casino brands like W88 get audited regularly. This means that their entire casino games digital history is run through a program that will say if the payouts have been correct. 

Online casinos are legally obliged to payout 98% of winnings on slot machine games. Most illegal casinos only pay out 90% on slots and that is a huge difference.

In sports betting, verified bookmakers like W88 and CMD368 also have their odds audited. Local illegal bookmakers can offer odds that are constantly 10-15% lower – making it impossible to become profitable.

I personally join about 2 casinos every month because I like to clear bonuses and new player bonuses are always the best. You would be surprised how different are the terms in these casinos. Some require a turnover of more than 500x the bonus and others limit the jackpots.

W88 actually shows in real-time who has one a jackpot and how much they won and in what game. If you go to the homepage, and scroll down and click on “jackpots” then you can see the latest jackpots.

Why Is It Important to Choose a Trusted Online Casino When Playing from Malaysia?

Malaysia is among the lesser countries to accept Gambling activities openly; in fact, it is illegal for any individual to revel in any form of gambling in the country. So, if you are a Malaysian who is dreaming of visiting local online casino to bet your money at baccarat, Blackjack, and other glamorous games, then it’s time to gamble abroad virtually.

Playing in trusted international online casinos like W88 is allowed – because technically you are not gambling in Malaysia.

Malaysia’s Betting Act 1953 and Exemptions is the foundation of this law, which restricts the law-abiding Malaysian citizens from engaging in any form of online Casino, bingo, baccarat, poker, horse betting, and other games of chance.

The law dictates that anyone found indulging in any form of gambling can be sentenced to receive a fine of 3000 ringgit- or imprisonment for two years or both. That’s some harsh punishment for a game, right? But as a citizen, you need to adhere to the law of the land, if failing to do so may land you in trouble. Arrests for players are almost non existant, the local government mailny focuses on punishing illegal casino operates who are inside of Malaysia.

Though this law is implemented in every part of Malaysia, however, the enforcement may vary from one state to another. If caught gambling, not only will you lose all your money, but you run the chance of being arrested and charged.

And now, you may argue that there are still so many local casino operators and online casinos offering every known game with its unique bets and minimum deposit requirements. Indeed, they are still active and operating, but it doesn’t mean they will get away with those crimes without any consequences. As a gambler, you need to be aware of the fact that these illegal online casinos and their operators understand the risk of disobeying the laws of the land, and they are ready to take them. They have strong enough financial backup to pay the fines and penalties, but you, on the other hand, if caught, will not be able to get away with committing the same offense. Also, you may or may not have the money to pay the penalty, and that’s why you should go for a trusted online casino in Malaysia.

Here’s 3 Important Reasons Why It’s Always A Bad Idea to Play in a Malaysian Unsupervised Casino:

1. Player information is not safe from authorities:

In Malaysia, gambling is illegal in any way, shape, or form. And if it’s illegal, then it means it’s also illegal for the legal online casinos to operate their Casino in Malaysia. Such online casinos may not be licensed by the Malaysian authorities to offer their products, but they can advertise with the help of online channels.

Now here’s a scenario for you:

Among the many websites of these fictitious casinos, you are offered an opportunity to play in a legal online casino. You register for an account with them, make a deposit, and play away. This seems like a fairytale crime-free online casino, but wait do you know what’s going on behind the scene.

The moment you provide your credit/debit card details to the online casinos, you just became a walking ATM by offering them your financial credentials. And once this information reaches the wrong hands, your bank account is emptied. What happens if your account is emptied due to skimmers or other fraudulent ways, your bank would certainly dispute the transactions and say that the online casinos have no right to make such a transaction. It may take a long time to get your money back, and eventually, you would be the ultimate loser. So always avoid these online casinos that are not licensed to operate in Malaysia.

2. Local Casino Operators Are Unlicensed:

Every Casino is and must be governed by the local authorities. However, because the Malaysian Government doesn’t allow casinos, they should just not exist. However, despite these facts, there are many businesses and individuals operating online casinos claiming to have the exclusive rights to offer their services to Malaysian citizens.

Unfortunately, due to the lack of proper governing authorities, these online casinos take advantage of the lack of laws and offer their services at extremely high rates with money transactions that would otherwise be considered illegal. Not only is this going to land you in trouble with the law, but these local operators are always legal risk.

3. Betting Agents Don’t Offer Any Guarantee:

You may not be aware, but most Malaysians addicted to gambling go to extreme lengths to indulge in this forbidden activity. Some citizens may even engage with betting agents to place bets for them. And that’s not a good idea if you are looking at long term benefits out of gambling; betting agents are basically middlemen who would take a hefty amount for their service and gamble on your behalf. Such betting agencies are unregulated and unlicensed by the authorities. So, they take advantage of the limited access to gambling and offer their services at a very high rate. Plus, they don’t offer any guarantee for your money, which means they may steal it all if they felt like it, and because you have participated in illegal activity, you won’t be entitled to a single penny, and your bank account will be pretty much the same as it was before.

Which Online Casino Should Malaysians Choose?

If you are a Malaysian looking for a trusted online casino in Malaysia where you can play all the popular games like roulette, slots, and live tables games, you don’t need to look any further than W88 Casino.

One of the best international online casino operators, W88, operates in 7 countries and has been providing the best gaming experience for over 3 million customers worldwide. With a huge variety of titles, numerous bonuses, and a VIP program, you will be sure to have a great time when playing at W88.

W88 Casino is a customer-oriented online casino providing world-class entertainment and a premier gaming experience to Malaysian players. Committed to bringing gaming enthusiasts the best-in-class service and best online gaming experience, the portal features an intuitive and easy-to-use web interface that includes easy access to popular games, 24X7 customer support, safe and reliable banking options, and a wide array of bonuses for their customers.

Here’s 5 Reasons Why W88 Casino Is Ideal for Malaysian Gamblers:

1.Accept Local MYR Currency:

Playing at W88 Casino means that you can pay in the local currency, i.e., MYR. This is a huge bonus for Malaysian gamblers as, often, the payment processing is one of the biggest hurdles for players, so be welcomed by all the payment options in MYR. Now no need for a Credit or Debit card to join in; just simply link your bank account to your Malaysian online casino account, and you are good to go. In case you prefer some other means of payment, the site has got you covered with options being via nine different currencies.

2.Generous Bonuses:

W88 is popular for its generous bonuses. In fact, they offer multiple lucrative promotions for all their users. From welcome bonus to reload bonus and loyalty bonus, you are bound to have a great time playing at W88.

3. Secure Payment with Multi-Step Verification:

Security is a crucial part of any online casino and making sure that your online money is safe is a priority of W88 Casino. That’s why the site is protected from all threats with some of the most secure anti-cheating tools in the industry. Additionally, the site boasts of VeriSign SECURE and indemnity protection for all its players.

Besides this, W88 also offers a multi-step verification process to ensure that all the transactions at the website are protected against hacks and other forms of potential security problems. Further boasting with safe and secure payment methods, you don’t have to worry about failing to meet the minimum deposit requirement or any other financial hurdle facing players at other online casinos.

4. Servers Are Located Outside the Country:

W88 has several servers located outside Malaysia. These servers make sure that the gambling activities of their users are isolated from the monitoring of the Malaysian Government. As a result, prying eyes of the authorities are kept away from the games at W88 and are deemed to not fall within the malicious reach of any authority. This allows players to enjoy worry-free games without any interruptions from the security and law enforcement agencies.

5. Trusted International brand:

Trust is the key factor for all gamblers in the online casino industry. While sitting at your home, enjoying the thrill of casino games, you shouldn’t have to worry about the safety of your personal and financial information. W88 is a highly reputed and trusted online casino in Malaysia that offers all its users a secure and hassle-free gaming environment. W88 is an official sponsor of the Crystal Palace football team in the English Premier League and has a solid reputation of integrity in the industry, so you need not worry about the legitimacy of the Casino.

6. Excellent Live Chat Support:

If you ever need any support, just click on the live chat button available on the sidebar of the site, and a customer service representative will be there to help you out. These customer support representatives are trained to help you with any issue you may face. Enjoy the benefits of the customer support on their 24*7 live chat feature and get rid of all your doubts and questions with ease.

What Type of Casino Games Can Malaysians Play at W88?

W88 is often considered as a top online casino for Malaysians to play at as it has been around since 2012 and has delighted many players across boundaries. Enriching the lives of Malaysian players with some of the most thrilling games and generous bonuses on the planet, W88 is a great place to play casino games online.

1. Slot Games:

Often considered as the most popular gambling game played at casinos, slot games have their own place of honor and heart. W88 is a superior online casino that offers the most thrilling 3D slots and other exciting games of the genre. Additionally, these slots are accessible from any mobile phone and on the website.

2. Live Dealer Games Baccarat:

All the live games at W88 are of the highest quality and are streamed live straight from the Casino to your computer screen, and now also your mobile phones and tablets. With some of the most exquisite and unique games like Baccarat, Roulette, and Blackjack that are powered by the best live dealers, your gambling experience at W88 is worth the time and money.

3. Blackjack:

Nothing beats a game of Blackjack in the comfort of your own home. With W88 casino, your experience of playing the game is nothing less than exhilarating. Here, you can enjoy multiple variants and versions of Blackjack with classic rules and features. There’s no looking back after the first game!

4. Roulette:

If slots aren’t your favorite, then try your luck and strategy at the next best alternative – Roulette. With multiple game types and exciting makes to choose from, you will never get bored at W88 Casino.

5. Online Poker in GG Network:

GGnetwork is a huge global poker network with tournaments ranging from 1$ buy-in to 100 000$. I have previously written about a Malaysian poker player who lost 20 million dollars at GGnetwork highstakes games.

When playing you can often see other players from Malaysia in the tables. Playing online poker in GG Network at one among the most trusted online casino in Malaysia is a match made in heaven.

6. Sports Betting:

Sports betting is one of the most popular gaming activities all over the world. If you are a sport and betting enthusiast, then W88 offers you a Sportsbook that can be accessed from any device. This is possible with the help of state-of-the-art mobile platforms and other features at the site. With an in-depth analysis of the current sports scenario and well-connected to the best betting partners, W88 is one among the Sports Betting.

If you are a Malaysian who longs to play some of the most glamorous casino games at the comfort of your own home, then W88 Casino is the ideal place for you!

Open you account now at W88 official homepage.

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