Malaysian online poker player won WSOP 2020 $1,000 Short Deck Tournament

Paul Teoh from Malaysia defeated 487 entries and took home prize money of $82 202 dollars.

2020 World Series of Poker $1000 short deck saw Paul Teoh taking the golden bracelet to Malaysia. Short deck poker is little bit different than regular poker. Short deck is played with 36 cards and some hands are ranked differently. For example flush beats a full house and ace can also be used as 5 to complete smaller straight.

Final Table Action

Canadian poker player Michael Watson was leading the chip count when the final table started. He had 28.3 million in chips and was looking very comfortable.

Things got serious with a three way all-in between Boon Heng Siong AQ, Shota Nakanishi AK and Andrei Konopelko AJ. The flow was 977, 10 in the turn and 8 on the river gave Andrei Konopelko straight and chip lead. Nakanishi took home $6850 for 9th place and Siong $9345 for 8th.

Next player to go was Mykhailo Krasnytskyi. Again three players went all-in. Mykhailo was eliminated by AQ of Watson and finished seventh for $12750.

Joseph Orsino found KQs and was called by AJs of Watson. Joseph managed to hit K on the flop but an ace on the turn gave the pot to Watson and Orsino had to leave in fifth place taking home $ 23 730.

Four players remaining

During four handed play Konopelko was bleeding chips and decided to push all-in with AQ. He was calles by KW of Shah and everything looked good until Shah hit a straight on the turn and sent Konopelko backing in fourth with $32 373.

Michael Watson had a great tournament but experienced tremendeous bad luck. His JJ vs 1010 of Teoh got cracked on the river. Only cards remained that would help Theoh, ironically they were JJ. With the J on the river Teoh hit his straight and Michael was sent home in third place $44 166 richer.

The final table started with a comfortable 5/2 chip lead for Teoh. He managed to increase the lead before the final hand was dealt. Teoh was dealt QJ vs AJ of Shas Teoh hit the Q and eliminated Shah who took home $60 254.

Final standings

1Paul Teoh$82,202
2Michelle Shah$60,254
3Michael Watson$44,166
4Andrei Konopelko$32,373
5Joseph Orsino$23,723
6Jose Luis Maslhia$17,394
7Mykhailo Krasnytskyi$12,750
8Boon Heng Siong$9,345
9Shota Nakanishi$6,850

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