Summary of the LIVE MILLIONS Sochi Event Champions

Timothy Adams, the winner of the Main Event cashing $3,600,000.

The partypoker LIVE MILLIONS Super High Roller Series was one of the final live poker events held during this coronavirus pandemic. The event was held from the 6th to the 15th of March in Sochi, the Olympic city.

Here’s an overview of the long Super High Roller week:

$25,000 Short Deck

The leading contest was a $25K Short Deck tournament with 42 players who formed the total prize pool to just over a million, $1,050,000 to be exact. The first win of the tournament went to Spain. Xia He Jiang took home the $378,000 reward.

In the final he beat the famous John Cynn from the United States who took home a total sum of $252,000. The final player to make it to the podium was Aaron Van Blarcum with $168,000 and the final six-figure prize went to Cary Katz who managed to bring home $105,000.

$25,000 No-Limit Hold ’em

The second contest which had the same buy-in managed to draw in slightly more players. A total of 58 poker players managed to push the prize pool up to $1,450,000.

This time the last man standing was Sam Trickett cashing almost a third of the prize pool, leaving with $435,000. He triumphed over the runner-up Ivan Leow from Malaysia, who had to settle for the consolation prize of $290,000.

Austria’s Matthias Eibinger was placed third who won $203,000 and after him the Spanish Poker Legend, Adrian Mateos, who got to keep $145,000.

$25,000 Short Deck

The third contest, another short deck just like the first one, but managed to bring in significantly more players. 61 players entered to win the biggest piece of the $1,525,000 prize pool they managed to generate.

This contest was dictated by Malaysian players. Two countrymen managed to take home a double-victory. Wai Leong Chan came out on top got to keep $435,000 after a duel with his countryman Paul Phua, who still got a huge payday of $305,000.

The third largest chunk of the prize pool didn’t go far. Thai Ha from Vietnam managed to place third and a third Malaysian, Ivan Leow, who had just placed 2nd in the previous event, had to settle for the fourth place this time. Ha managed to win $213,500, and Leow added an another six-figure victory of $152,000, to his previous winnings.

The new rising name amongst High Rollers, Danny Tang placed 5th for $152,000.

$50,000 No-Limit Hold ’em

The first contest with a $50K buy-in managed to attracted 45 players around the world, who brought the prize pool to $2,250,000. Mikita Badziakouski, a Belarussian poker superstar prevailed and took home $765,000 by beating the runner-up Artur Martirosyan in a heads-up match. Arthur managed to cash $495,000 for his effort.

Lucas Greenwood from Canada ended up third with $337,500 more on his bank account. Aaron Van Blarcum managed to join the final table again, but this time had to settle for the fourth place, but still winning more than before. This time Aaron managed to cash-out $225,000 – $50K more than from the first event, where he placed third.

Samuel Greenwood, Lucas’ brother placed fifth and had to settle for a little bit less than his brother – $180,000.

$50,000 Short Deck

With the series picking up steam, the 5th event features an even bigger prize pool. The winner Wai Kin Yong ended up with $800,000 in his pocket, triumphing over Phillip Ivey from America. Ivey ended up with $525,000, and the third place again went to a Canadian Greenwood, but this time to Lucas’ brother Samuel Greenwood who cashed $350,000.

Super High Roller Bowl Russia $250,000

The LIVE MILLIONS Super High Rollers series concluded with the main event. The event had 40 entries which brought the prize money to exactly $10,000,000. After three days of playing the victory went to Timothy Adams from Canada, who took home $3,600,000. The runner-up Christoph Vogelsang managed to leave with $2,400,000. Mikita Badziakouski who previously won a $50K NLHE event placed third and this time with a much bigger payday of $1,600,000.

The final seven-figure prize went to Benjamin Heath from the U.K. who managed to purse exactly a million dollars.

It was Adams’ second high roller victory back-to-back after winning the Super High Roller Bowl Australia. It might take some time until the next High Roller Event to take place due to the pandemic, but players should look out for Adams in the next High Roller event.

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