MYR 74,768, 066 slot game online Malaysia Jackpot + Slot Bonuses

Malaysian gamblers love to play online slot games for real money. In 2021 several international casino brands have started to accept Malaysian players. Good thing about international brands is that there are no agents and they have really really big jackpots. For example W88 shows in real time the jackpots that players have won in slot game online Malaysia – the biggest is MYR 74,768, 066. ( 74 million MYR).

You can check latest jackpots by going to W88 homepage, and clicking on “Jackpot Winners” at the bottom of the W88 page.

MYR Slot Bonuses

 I will quickly show the slot bonuses of each casino in my list and later on in the post I explain why I chose these casinos ( all the images are clickable and take you to the casino homepage)

 W88 Slots new member bonus:

Bitstarz new member bonus:

1xBet New member bonus:

All the casinos listed above are trusted international companies with good reputation and bonuses for Malaysian players. Because bonuses change so fast its best if you visit the pages and check for the latest deals yourself – that way you will have the newest information.

  1.– Voted NR 1 online casino in Asia
  2. – Best selection of slot games
  3. www.1xbet.com1xbet – Sponsor of Chelsea football club

How I choose the best slot games casino that accepts Malaysian players?

A good trick is to Google “casino name + jackpot win” . Good casinos use large jackpots as a way of advertising. If someone wins big they say on twitter/facebook etc and get more members – shady casinos don’t do that. For example a player won 2.4 million at Bitstarz with one spin – in that kind of situation, would you be 100% sure that unknown casino brand will send you the money? Casino agents are even worse, its just a name in a telegram/wechat app and they will keep the money.

Bitstarz was voted as the best slot games casino in the world, they accept deposits/withdrawals with bank cards and also crypto currencies – very modern.

Bitstarz would be my nr 1 pick for slot game online Malaysia because their bonus system is amazing – however, they don’t have local Malaysian support.

You can join at website and claim the bonuses shown below ( sorry that the currency is USD, they don’t have MYR currency, but they do accept Malaysian players)

What is the best online slot Malaysia site of 2021?

My favourite online  casino that accepts Malaysians is W88. They have a large selection of slots and local Malaysian customer support team. In addition W88 offers sportsbook, casino, poker tournaments and even e-sports – It is a complete casino solution.

The deposits/withdrawals are fast and they are the largest online casino in Asia. Check out the Malaysian homepage at 

In 2020 W88 paid out a slot games jackpot win of 1.7 million$ for a person playing with 0.01$ spin.
Their bonuses are always changing, so its best if you check them yourself by going to and click on “Promosi”

What I really like is the Instant 0,2% rebate and weekly 1%  slot rebates.

When playing slots with 50 MYR sometimes it will last for a loooong time, and generate much larger turnover – even 200x. In that case u get 2% back from that weekly turnover which would be 2% from 10k MYR = 200 MYR.

4 times the initial deposit – I think of it like my plan B ( funny I know, plan B in slots)

When my balance goes to zero, but I know I have played alot of slots this week, then there will be new money added by the casino to my account every Monday.

In the long run these rebates are actually worth much more than regular deposit bonuses.

Which online slot games have the biggest jackpots?

Your chances of winning the main jackpot are close to 0% , but for those who like to dream big the best games are Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune. Mega Moolah has taken the reigns within the past few years, though. It awarded record payouts of $20,057,734 and €18,915,872 (approx. $21 million) in 2019 and 2018, respectively.

The $21 million prize from September 2018 currently holds the Guinness World Record for being the biggest online slots jackpot of all time.

Malaysian players can play Mega Moolah and several of its new variants at W88 ( image below)

Playing slots in a real casino vs online casino

There are couple places where I have played physical slot machines in Malaysia. Genting casino is nice but its not near my home and you have to dress up to feel comfortable. Playing home is more comfortable but real casino offers more adrenaline in my opinion.

How popular is online gambling in Malaysia?

The popularity of online gambling is rising every year in Malaysia. Google Trends shows that “online casino” searches are rising every year.

Gambling is popular in all Malaysian regions. Its probably because there are better casinos available now ( check top of article) and also people have more free time.

How can Malaysian players gamble if its not legal?

There are a few reasons behind this. First and the foremost is that Malaysia does allow physical gambling at the Genting resort. It is expected that genting will offer online casino service in Malaysia in the future. Currently they are operating online casino in United Kingdom. The local authorities cant stop Malaysians from playing in international casinos because its not illegal. Only casinos that operate inside of Malaysia are illegal and run by shady groups.

But no matter what you to, always choose a trusted online slot gambling site like W88 , 1xBet or Bitstarz.

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