Setting the Age Limit for Online Casino Games in Malaysia

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Setting the Age Limit for Online Casino Games in Malaysia

The Malaysian Party of Malaysia has recently introduced a new law in Malaysia whereby people are only allowed to gamble online if they hold a valid gambling license. Although this law has been in effect for quite some time, it only came into force just recently. Now that online gambling has become a huge hit here in Malaysia and even across the world, many individuals from foreign countries come to Malaysia and gamble online. It is therefore imperative that the law is implemented to curtail the problem of people coming to Malaysia and gambling without licenses. To that end, the Malaysian government has introduced a law called the Party’s Code of Conduct for a second consecutive time, thereby lifting the online casino age limit law.

The Party’s Code of Conduct for a second time is one of the most debated pieces of legislation in Malaysia, with many experts and members of the public expressing their opinions. One of the clauses in the code, which has caused much controversy is the age limit for online casinos. Proponents of the law argue that gambling should be regulated by law and not by mere discretion or an allowance provided under the Party’s Code of Conduct. The argument goes that the law is intended to protect the interests of Malaysia as a nation, by regulating any kind of activity that might be detrimental to the general interest of the Malaysian people as a whole. This includes online gambling and by extension, online casinos.

The argument that is often brought up against the law is that a gambling license should be awarded to everyone, not just a certain segment of the population. They argue that the government does not have the right to prohibit people from accessing online casino sites if they so wish. They also argue that by granting a license to a site, the government is saying that gambling is a legal activity and one which the law will support. While these are certainly good points, it is also important to keep in mind that the Party’s Code of Conduct for a second time has already amended the age limit for online casinos, with a further increase being approved later this year. Thus, the argument that is being put forward here is that even without the new additions to the law, the age limit on online casino gambling has been raised to 18 years of age.

Many opponents to raising the age limit on online casino games have raised questions about the morality of the practice. Many moral and cultural beliefs are shared by Malaysians who consider the act of gambling to be wrong. However, this is a controversial topic in Malaysia and there is no clear unified opinion. Many within the country would see the increasing numbers of millionaires in the country as being a symbol of the inherent riches of Malaysia. Others may see the increasing wealth as a problem.

If you are in the midst of deciding whether to gamble online or not, you may want to weigh up the pros and cons. For those who find gambling to be an unethical activity, raising the age to 18 years may seem unfair. However, it is important to remember that this law was introduced to protect the younger generation from exposure to harmful online materials. The argument goes that while these younger members of the Malay community may be computer literate, they are not as competent as adults when it comes to navigating the internet. This is where the argument comes in for religious supporters of online gambling, who argue that the law is merely placing a limit on the freedom of religion.

The Malaysian government has maintained that it regards online casino gambling to be a responsible activity. In spite of this, there are reports of the rising number of Malaysia casinos on the internet. With gambling being a very common practice all over Asia, online casino gaming is catching on here too. Despite the age limit, there is still a surge in the number of visitors to these online casinos. The rise in tourism can be attributed in part to the relatively lower cost of gambling online. This in turn, along with Malaysia’s recognition as a Muslim country has helped the online casino industry to flourish.

Over the past two years there have been efforts by local governments to curb this situation by putting in place measures which are aimed at protecting younger people and stopping the growth of online casinos in the country. In July, the Kuala Lumpur City Government placed a ban on most gaming machines that were found to contain alcohol. This included all alcohol that was imported or which had an age limit of over twenty five years old. Another measure, this time, was brought in which all casinos in the country had to be registered to do so. These measures were meant as a means of ensuring that people were not only playing games with non-age appropriate materials but that they were also playing them at licensed facilities.

These efforts seem to be slowing down somewhat however. There is no definite information as to why this ban has been lifted. Some sources believe that it was because the Malaysian Gaming Commission was unable to find any trace of corruption which would have kept the age limit in place. On the other hand, some sources say that the move was brought about by pressure from Chinese officials who felt that the online casino industry in Malaysia was being taken over by Chinese gambling companies. There have also been statements issued by Malaysian officials saying that the lifting of the ban was based on lack of evidence. Regardless of what led to the lifting of the age limit on online casino games in Malaysia, the fact remains that everyone who plays casino games in the country has to adhere to the same age limit as everyone else.